Common questions & concerns.




Question:Do I need to come in for a consultation for color?
Answer: If you will be doing anything that is a drastic change, balayage, ombre, or a perm for the first time we Stop correcting “recommend” booking a consultation so out stylist and give you a better idea of cost and time frame as well as if it’s possible to achieve the desired results.


Question: Do I need to book an appointment for a consultation?
Answer: We highly recommend booking a consultation. Our consultations are complimentary but with an appointment we can make you are able to get in and see one of our stylist.


Question:Can I get a perm if I have had my hair colored?
Answer: That can depend on the time frame you had your coloring done and if it used any bleach or enlighteners, most of the time if it’s the latter no a perm can’t be done.


Question:Do you donate hair, and how long does it have to be?
Answer: We do donate hair, most often we need at least 7-8 inches. If you have color in your hair but it is a natural color and your hair is still healthy we can donate it.


Question:Do your hair cut prices vary?
Answer: Yes they do. Our prices of our haircuts vary depending on the experience of the stylist, from $30-$55.


Question:Do you do extensions?
Answer: As of right now we don’t offer extension. If you have clip in extensions our stylist can put them in for you and show you how to wear them and the best placements for them.




Question:Do you offer extractions?
Answer: We have a Freshen-Up facial that specifically offers time devoted to extractions, but if you would like extractions done in our other facials just let us know when booking your appointment.


Question:How are your facials customized?
Answer: Each facial uses Aveda products and our service providers choose the products to use based on your skins needs and the desired results you are trying to achieve. Each facial we have also offers different techniques to pamper you.


Question:I have never had a facial before what are they like?
Answer: All our facial except for the Pure Focus start with a foot soak, then they offer cleanse, exfoliation, treatment, massage, and application of moisturizers etc. When your masks are on you may receive a arm and or foot rub. The order of the process and the types that are used are based on the needs or your skin.


Question: Is there anything I should let my service provider know?
Answer: If you have any allergies, medical conditions, or on any medications if possible please let us know when you book your appointment, if you aren’t able to ahead of time let your service provider know.




Question: Is the a certain length the hair needs to be to wax?
Answer: The hair needs to be no shorter than 1/8 an inch. We prefer no longer than half an inch. We can wax hair longer than half an inch but it can be more uncomfortable.

Question: Should I not do anything before my waxing service?
Answer: You can exfoliate and moisturize up to 24 hours before a waxing appointment, doing so closer to your appointment can cause irritation as well as the possibility of the skin feeling raw.

Question: Can medication or topical products cause issues with waxing?
Answer: Yes they can. There are several medications and products that can cause issues when waxing so letting your service provider know any medications you are on, if you exfoliate, use anything for acne, and products or services used for anti-aging is very important.

Hands & Feet


Question: Would here be any reason I couldn’t get a pedicure or manicure?
Answer: If the service provider sees something that is a contraindication the service would not be able to be preformed.

Question: What’s the difference between the express pedicure and the spa pedicure other than price?
Answer: The spa pedicure has everything our express has to offer as well as a scrub, mask, and hot towel treatment in it, because of the added treatments involved it can run longer in time as well.